Excerpt The House Mate by Kendall Ryan

Apr 162020

The House Mate (Roommates #3) by Kendall Ryan

What’s sexier than a bad boy? A bad ass man who’s got his shit together.

Max Alexander is nearing thirty-five. He’s built a successful company, and he’s conquered the professional world, but he’s never been lucky in love. Focusing so much time on his business and raising his daughter, adulting has come at the expense of his personal life.

His social skills are shit, his patience is shot, and at times, his temper runs hot.

The last thing he has time for is the recently single, too gorgeous for her own good young woman he hires to take care of his little girl. She’s a distraction he doesn’t need, and besides, there’s no way she’d be interested. But you know what they say about assumptions?

This is book 3 in the Roommates series, but each book can be read as a complete standalone as they all feature new couples to fall in love with.

Excerpt The House Mate (Roommates #3) by Kendall Ryan

“She’s out,” I murmured to Addison, who sat at the kitchen table with a mug of tea before her.
Her shoulders slumped and she groaned. “Thank God. I can’t stand to hear her cry like that. It kills me.”
I stepped up behind her and laid my hands on her shoulders, digging my thumbs into her tense muscles.
She hummed and let her head fall forward.
“That feels really good.”
My pulse kicked up as I continued the massage. We’d both been in the house sort of drifting past each other all evening, lost in our own thoughts. Me worrying about whether she would say yes, and her, who knew? Maybe wondering whether she wanted to get saddled with a guy who’d never had a real relationship before and came with a lot of baggage?
I didn’t want to pressure her, but I wasn’t even sure if I should be looking for a ring at this point. Maybe she was going to pipe up and tell me she didn’t want to be with me at all.
I hated the uncertainty.
She reached back and squeezed my wrists gently, stopping me. Then she stood and turned to face me.
“Since the baby is asleep, maybe you and I should hit the sack a little early too,” she said, not meeting my gaze.
“Together?” I asked, hoping like hell she meant what I thought she did.
She nodded and wet her lips. “If you want to.”
Oh, I wanted to. But I didn’t bother with words. I just bent and swept her into my arms. She let out a low squeal and then slapped one hand over her mouth as we froze.
Silence greeted us, and I chuckled. “You almost woke the kraken,” I whispered, carrying her past Dylan’s closed door to my bedroom. I crossed the room to the bed and laid her gently down on the mattress. A devious thought tickled the edge of my brain, and I shot her a lethal grin. “Which gives me a great idea for a little game.”
“Is it called ‘Release the Kraken’? Because I think we’ve played that a few times already,” she deadpanned.
The last of the awkward tension between us faded as we both laughed softly.
“Nope. It’s called ‘How Quietly Can You Come?’”
She made her lips into an o and her eyes went wide. “Sounds intriguing. How do we play?”
“Well,” I said, my blood starting to heat as the game formulated in my mind. “You don’t play. You lay back quietly while I do unspeakable things to your body to try to make you scream. The tricky part is if you wake up Dylan, the game is over.”
Her eyes flashed and her nipples peaked beneath her thin T-shirt. “So how do I win?”
“You win by letting me make you come over and over again, and staying quiet enough that we can keep going.” I yanked my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor before reaching for my belt buckle.
“What do you say, Addison? You want to play with me?”
Her gaze flicked below my waist, and I didn’t need to look down to know that my cock was already as stiff and clearly outlined through the denim. This had seemed like a great idea when I’d first thought of it, but now I wondered how the hell I was going to keep quiet when I already wanted to howl like an animal at the thought of being buried inside her again.
“Yeah,” she whispered, reaching out a hand to trace my shaft through my jeans. “Yeah, I wanna play.”

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