Excerpt The Charmer by Avery Flynn

Jul 262019

The Charmer (Harbor City #2) by Avery Flynn

Don’t miss the hot new romantic comedy follow-up to the smash hit The Negotiator…

Hot, filthy rich, and usually irresistible, Hudson Carlyle just met the one woman in Harbor City who’s immune to his legendary charm. Nerdy ant researcher Felicia Hartigan is the unsexiest dresser ever. She trips over air. And she’s in love with totally the wrong man. Hudson can’t stop thinking about her.

His regular moves won’t work here. He’s going to need a new plan, starting with helping her win over the man she thinks she wants. And if in the process she ends up falling for Hudson instead? Even better. Step one, charm her panties off. Step two, repeat step one as frequently as possible.

But what if the famous Carlyle charm finally fails him when he needs it most? Or worse, what if she figures out the one secret he’s kept from everyone, including his family, and walks away for good?

Excerpt The Charmer (Harbor City #2) by Avery Flynn

“You can’t force attraction.” Hudson’s gaze dropped to her mouth, making her lips tingle with only a look. “Just like you can’t ignore an attraction that’s already there.”
Felicia’s focus skittered away from him before she used every last bit of determination she had to force it back. “There is no attraction.”
“Uh-huh.” He nodded and reach out, his hands coming to rest on her hips with only a hint of pressure. “So, if I leaned down and kissed you right now, you wouldn’t feel a thing?”
Her heart made a break for it, hammering against her ribs. “Nope.”
He made an uh-huh sound as his grip rose to her waist and tightened. “And if I unzipped that dress that covers up every dip and curve of your body?”
She gulped and ignored the throb growing between her thighs. “Nothing.”
If she’d been wearing pants, they would so be on fire, but there was no going back once she’d decided on a path of action.
“So, when you start making those sweet, soft, needy moans again, that’s just my imagination and not actual attraction on your part?” he asked as he lifted her and set her on top of the ottoman.
Now it was her staring down at him. Sure, it was only by a few inches, but she’d take it. The new perspective gave her a different view, letting her better see the flecks of green in his brown eyes and the faded scar above his left eyebrow.
“Matches,” he said, sliding his palms down until his large hands covered her hips, with the tips of his fingers grazing the rise of her ass. “Is it really all just in my head?”
“Totally,” she said, her voice only registering at a breathy whisper.
SOS warning sirens blaring in her head had absolutely no effect on the reaction being this close to him was having on her body. Her skin prickled with awareness. Her bra had suddenly become tighter. A slick warmth of desire gathered between her thighs. And Hudson’s hands hadn’t even moved nor had he taken a single step closer. It was just the thought, the idea, of him kissing her, stripping her, touching her that had her ready to explode—and judging from the seductive promise in his eyes, he knew it.
“You’re a lousy liar,” he said, his hot, intense gaze zeroed in on her mouth.

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