Excerpt Rich Boys of Bornstead U by CM Stunich

Jul 262019
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Excerpt Rich Boys of Bornstead U by CM Stunich
(C) C.M. Stunich

Unedited “Rich Boys of Bornstead U” excerpt

Creed Cabot is waiting in line for a bowl of ramen noodles, leaning against the sneeze guard like he’s just too bored to be bothered standing up straight. He looks a little weirded out, too, like he’s never had ramen before.

“This is painful to watch,” I whisper to Miranda, pretending I’m not studying her twin’s ass in the too-tight jeans he’s wearing. “What is wrong with him? You’re supposed to pick a protein, and a type of broth, and toppings. He’s ordered nothing.”

“First time with commoner food,” Miranda explains, dead serious. Like, I look over at her to see if she’s joking, but she’s just smiling in that way of hers, completely oblivious. Tristan notices though, and smirks, lifting his spoon up so that the noodles slither off and splash back into the bowl.

When I glance his way, his stare is … intense. I almost choke on a bite of boiled egg.

“You hear that? Commoner’s food. Peasant food. Our palates are so elevated, all we can taste is salt.”

“Heh,” Zayd snorts, slamming down a full tray on my right. He smirks at Tristan, making the other boy scowl. “I grew up on Doritos and Baja Blast Mountain Dew, bro. You’re speaking for yourself.” My little rockstar boy flops his inelegant ass down next to me and flips one of his lip rings around with his tongue. “I happen to like cheap-ass Pleb food.”


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