Excerpt Lead Me Home by AL Jackson

Jun 212019

Lead Me Home
by A.L. Jackson

A friends-to-lovers, STAND-ALONE, second-chance romance from NYT Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson . . .

Nikki Walters.
Sexy. Fierce. Forbidden.
The only girl I’ve ever loved.

Oliver Preston.
Gorgeous, bad-boy, tattooed bartender.
The only man to hold my heart.

Fourteen years ago, he allowed tragedy to rip us apart. Now, he’s back, trying to make a space for himself in my life.

A single brush of his hand, and I feel my walls crumbling. One kiss, and I’m losing all control.

The fire between us is only burning hotter.

I can feel our pasts running to catch up to us. Will it destroy or us, or will we find our second chance . . .

EXCERPT Lead Me Home

Kicking the stand and killing the engine, I swung my leg over the side just as Nikki was peeking her head outside.
A smile danced on her pretty face. “What are you doing here?”
I glanced at my watch. “You get off at two.”
“And?” It was a playful challenge.
“And I missed you. You have a problem with that?” I all but growled, stalking her way, looping an arm around her waist and tugging her against me as she stepped all the way out onto the sidewalk.
Hands clutching my shoulders, she bent back, swaying as she smiled up at me. “No, Beast. I definitely don’t have a problem with that.”
“Good,” I told her. “Go get your stuff.”
“Bossy,” she tossed back as she started toward the door.
I swatted her sweet ass. “You have no idea.”
She yelped, and then giggled. “Why do I get the feeling you’re going to take all kinds of pleasure in educating me on that fact?”
A smirk caught on one side of my mouth. “Maybe you do have an idea.”
Her laugh was low.
“Oh, Ollie. We’re gonna have so much fun.”
My smile went soft.
We were. And we’d wasted too much time, and I was so over that. — Oliver Preston, LEAD ME HOME

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