Excerpt I Was Born Ruined by CM Stunich

Jul 192019


What sort of girl loves sin like I do?
What sort of person thrives in it?

I’m the princess to a dirty throne of motorcycles and madness, daughter of the president of the Death by Daybreak Motorcycle Club. My father’s four closest officers—men dressed in blood and death and sin—they’re my honor guard, cloaked in leather vests and tattoos. Only, there’s nothing honorable about them at all.

They’re all wrong for me.
Every motorcycle club has its old ladies.
These guys … they share one.
They share me.

***I WAS BORN RUINED is a 90,000 word new adult, reverse harem, motorcycle club romance with one daring, bada** leading lady, her four sexy outlaws, and a romantic suspense plot. Contains cursing, violence, and sexual situations.


unedited excerpt
(C) C.M. Stunich

Grainger leans down, cuts the distance between us, kisses my mouth and taints it filthy.

Fucking filthy.

Sin kissed me in the kitchen the other day … Grainger won’t stop at a kiss.

I stumble back a few steps and he follows me, bumping my thighs into the high, curved back of one of the old pews. Without preamble or question, he drops his hands to my hips and lifts me up, parking me on the narrow edge so he can wedge his big body between my thighs.

“Grainger,” I start, but his lips have captured mine, taken them hostage with prurient fervor.

*I knew I should fucking stay away from him!* I think, but it’s too late. My hands are on his chest, and his smell is mixing with the warm leather of his vest, the tobacco from his cigarettes, the distant burn of motor oil.

My thighs part of their own accord, and he leans in, grinding his sex to mine, rubbing against the carnal heat at my core.

Grainger and I exchange groans, growls, snarls of pleasure.

It occurs to me that we’re in a church.

“We’ll burn in hell for this,” I gasp as he tears the button on my jeans and sends it flying.

“Honey, hate to break it to you,” Grainger says, sliding a hand tattooed with the moon and stars into my jeans, cupping my pussy, slicking a finger across my opening, “but this is hell. Might as well enjoy the sins.”

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