Excerpt Beloved by Corinne Michaels

Aug 302019

Beloved (Salvation #1) by Corinne Michaels

Men suck. They break you. Leave you. Take everything until there’s nothing left. And frankly, I’m done allowing them to make me feel insignificant. So, forget men. I’ll just throw myself into my job, because at least that never fails me.Jackson has other plans, though. I refuse to be impressed by his perfect body, the cute dimple on his cheek, or the rugged stubble on his face. Jackson Cole can be resisted.But, I’m only fooling myself.He’s going to wear me down. I can feel it. In the end he’ll prove that once again, I’m no one’s beloved.

Excerpt Beloved (Salvation #1) by Corinne Michaels


To belong to someone.

All I’ve ever wanted is to be loved. I crave it—need it, desire it—more than food and water. I long for undying love and affection. The kind of love that bonds souls. The kind of love that’s so deep two become one.

To be someone’s beloved.

As a child I had my father, who adored and worshipped me—I was his perfect little daughter. He held me when I was sad, kissed my knee when I fell and got hurt, and read me bedtime stories. I was his princess, his daughter, his entire world. What happens to a little girl when all of that stops? When she’s no longer his perfect angel, but instead a painful reminder of his past. What happens to her when he pushes her aside and shows her he doesn’t want her anymore?

“I just can’t stay, Catherine. It hurts too much.” His eyes are filled with pain and regret.

“Daddy, I love you! Please don’t go. I won’t cry anymore. I’ll be good,” I plead as I look into his dark brown eyes that mirror mine. My heart is begging for understanding from all of this confusion and change. It’s my ninth birthday, and he’s going to leave. If only I could go back in time and change my silly wish for a new bike to him not leaving.

“It’s not you, baby girl. You have to understand—it’s too much. Your mom and I don’t love each other anymore.” He looks into my eyes, unwavering as I continue to plead.

“Don’t you love me, Daddy?” I ask the man who is supposed to love me forever, the man who’s supposed to never leave me.

“I do, but I have to go now. You be good. Good-bye, Catherine.” He kisses the top of my head and I grab onto his leg for dear life. I know, even at this age, this will be the last time I see my father.

He pries me off his leg and turns without another word. And I watch the man who promised to always be there leave me behind without another glance.

He broke me.

He ruined me.

And he won’t be the last man to do so.

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