Excerpt All of Me by A.L. Jackson

Jun 232019

All of Me BLURB:

People call me callous. Arrogant. Ruthless.
I call myself tenacious.
One of the most powerful attorneys in Charleston, I don’t let anyone or anything stand in my way.
Until a chance encounter changes everything.

One glance.
One touch.
One night.
It only leaves me wanting more.

But Grace is off limits.
Most people would even say forbidden.

Everyone knows an attorney can’t sleep with his client.
Too bad I already did.
And even with the threat of losing everything, I don’t know if I can stop myself from having her again…

Excerpt All of Me by AL Jackson

“Dance with me.” It was a rough command.
A lure.
That energy moved.
A stir at my feet.
I tried not to get trapped by it, by the feeling of it crawling up my legs and spreading over my body. Chaining me to the spot.
I swallowed down the attraction. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
He came closer. Stealing the air and making me shiver.
His mouth was so close to my ear that I couldn’t tell if it was his breath or his lips that were sending tingles rushing as they brushed across my skin. “I think it’s a brilliant idea.”
“That’s because you don’t have anything to lose.”
“Don’t I?”
If I wasn’t watching him so closely, I might have missed the way he grimaced, the way something struck him deep.
It only lasted for a second before that smirk slipped into something seductive.
“Besides, what could one dance hurt?”
“Oh, I’m sure it could hurt plenty.”
I knew it in the way I’d started to move around him, attracted and repelled, as if this man was the gravity in the room. We were suddenly in a slow dance. Not even touching, and still, I could feel him everywhere.
As if those big hands were roaming over my body. Making me scream and shiver and quake.
And my body was already making the foolish decision for me, drawn toward him, compelled by the rhythm of the music as everything pitched into a mesmerized sway.
He leaned in, his mouth back at my ear. “You’re worried about being hurt, when the only thing I’m thinking about is how good I could make you feel. I’d make you lose your mind, beautiful.”
“I don’t doubt that.”
Not for a second.
“Everyone deserves a moment to forget,” he murmured, as if he already saw all the things bleeding inside me, and then I really was shivering because he looped an arm around my waist and pulled me close.
The two of us were instantly at one with the cadence of the slow, provocative beat. “Let me be the one to do it.”

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