Cover Reveal Worst Kiss Ever by J. S. Cooper

Jul 102021

Worst Kiss Ever (The Worst Ever Series Book 4) by J. S. Cooper

Camden Kirby has been my arch nemesis since we were kids. He’s been my older brother’s best friend forever and he’s teased me mercilessly all my life. So it was with great displeasure that I had to move in with him and my brother after my apartment flooded. They consider themselves “bachelor bros” and love nothing more than holding “hottie parties” every weekend. Cue major eye roll. Yes, he’s hunky and yes, he has that bad boy twinkling blue eye charisma going for him, but his personality makes him a zero in my eyes.

He thinks that he’s Mr. Cool, just because he has tattoos and a six-pack. I can’t stand him. That is why I have no idea how I agreed to play a game of poker at one of his parties. I should have known it wouldn’t go well for me. I ended up having to kiss him at the end of the night. And well, let’s just say his tight abs weren’t the only hard thing I felt that night.

Now Camden is acting like I’ve always wanted him and I’m determined to bring him to his knees. I’m letting him know that I wouldn’t want him if he was the last man on earth and that he was my worst kiss ever. If only my body would stop telling him otherwise.

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