Cover Reveal Wolf’s Hunger by Atlas Rose

Dec 162020

Wolf’s Hunger (Mafia Monsters Book 5) by Atlas Rose & Kim Faulks

Crown City is divided.
Mortals on one side of the river and the beasts on the other.
Only I’m a woman caught in the middle, and now I’m forced to choose a side. Return to the FBI who’s hunting us, or run with the Wolves?

Phantom, Church, Vitold and Arran.

They’re hiding for a crime they didn’t commit, bullet-riddled and bleeding they’re considered weak now and their territory fair game.

But there’s nothing weak about Phantom.

Or our pack.

As other Wolves start circling, looking for a way to take what’s ours a new darkness emerges. One that has hunted me before.

And as Phantom’s past rises we are forced to confront a beast so powerful it could destroy us all. Only I won’t let it.

I will fight. I will hunt. I will love.

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