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Mar 242020

Witches Be Crazy (Not Your Basic Witch #3) by A.J. Macey & Jarica James

Nothing in Aris Calisto’s life has ever been basic, and after a cauldron full of unexpected events, she finds herself a fugitive. Going on the run should have been the biggest challenge of her life, but after being separated from her tethers, she’s faced with an impossible choice–submit or run.

With time ticking down, Aris and her ragtag band of witches have to risk it all. Despite the odds, her coven manages to find their way back to each other, and Aris quickly realizes they have more allies than they thought. Revolution is coming to Akasha, but it won’t be an easy ‘potion to brew’ with-
new powers to master,
a collection of hexing hellions intent to use her for themselves,
an anonymous admirer,
and the unexpected burden of becoming a leader.

With her capricious coven behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to hit the council where it hurts? Or will she find out payback’s a real witch?

Book 3 of the Not Your Basic Witch Series
Legends of Asteria Trilogy 1

The Not Your Basic Witch is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MMFMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This trilogy is the first in a series collection consisting of six trilogies titled Legends of Asteria. Each trilogy should be read in order.

This book contains references involving violence and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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