Cover Reveal Winter Awakening by Elizabeth Lennox

Jan 272021

Winter Awakening (Wyoming Fever Book 4) by Elizabeth Lennox

Some say you can never go back.

But what if going back felt right? And what if your first love still made you feel those crazy sensations? Kate had never forgotten Mack or the dreams they’d talked about. Mack of the shocking kisses and intense silence. Mack, her first lover and her first love.

Nothing had changed.

Mack knew she was trouble. Kate had always been his kryptonite, but watching her flit back into town was like a knife tearing through his gut. He tried to resist her, tried to pretend that she didn’t affect him. But this was Kate. And she was even more beautiful now.

They were both older and wiser. Could their life experiences help them remain sane this time around?

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