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Feb 152020

Wildcard (Stacked Deck #1) by Emilia Finn

Not all girls need a hero. But do all heroes need a damsel?

Evelyn “Smalls” Kincaid is the first of a brand new generation of fighters.
Being the oldest in the family has never weighed on her in the past. In fact, blazing trails and trying new and daring things is what she lives for.

For every wild adventure Evie goes on, for every broken rule and stretched law, her best friend, Benny “Sasquatch” Conner, studiously follows close behind, cleaning up the mess that would otherwise end with a rap sheet or loss of life.

Ben would never allow such an end for the girl he’s loved since the moment she flattened him in her family’s gym.

For a decade, the pair who are equally matched inside the octagon and out, have enjoyed a friendship of explosive highs, and icy lows…

The operative word, and the biggest tragedy of them all, is ‘FRIENDship’. That dreaded zone every man fears, and every woman loathes.

Once children, then teens, now young adults on the cusp of new and exciting adventures, feelings change, hormones rage, and finally , Ben takes a freakin’ hint and kisses Evie back.

From enemies, to best friends, to lovers, “Wildcard” is a story of bravery, lost innocence, and the deepest kinds of love. It’s a story of forgiveness, distance, desperation, and trust. From the author of the best selling Rollin On Series , comes this beautiful coming of age story that proves that if it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

And if not… then maybe Evie’s true love is waiting in a different gym, and his name might not be Ben Conner.

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