Cover Reveal Voices in the Darkness by Ripley Proserpina

Feb 252020

Voices in the Darkness (The Coveted #2) by Ripley Proserpina & Rebecca Royce

There’s a darkness within her and its voice taunts her…

It’s been ten years since Lacey Madison fled New Mexico and everyone she cared about to keep them safe. She’s built a new life with a new name in the frozen north, putting her investigative skills and intuitive senses to work. But when an accident lands her in the hospital, she admits all the things she’s kept buried down deep—like her real name, and wanting four boys who’d probably forgotten her…

And suddenly, everything changes. Thorn, Colton, Aaron, and Oliver come looking for her just as the voices in the darkness begin to cry out.

And it turns out—it doesn’t matter how far Lacey runs, evil will always find her.

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