Cover Reveal Vampire’s Kiss by Atlas Rose

Dec 092020

Vampire’s Kiss (Mafia Monsters Book 1) by Atlas Rose

He captured my wrist, smooth black leather against my skin. The kiss was hungry, and urgent. His hard chest pressed me against the bricks and before I knew it, my hand was rising to meet the wall.

He had me. Gloved hand pinning my wrists above me. His finger at my temple.

And his lips taking…taking…taking.

The Hidden, we call them. Four Vampires who run this city west of the river.
And my family runs the east.
They’re immortal beasts…more dangerous than my family, the Costello’s.

Only my dying dad has left behind a fuck load of trouble. One of them, a deal with these fanged beasts…a deal that’s now gone south.

Threats on my windshield, and a dead rat impaled on my door makes me confront these monsters.

Elithien, the leader of the Vampire Clan wants to tell me the truth.

Only it’s a truth I don’t want to believe.

But somehow I always return to them.

These Vampires invade my mind…and leave me craving their touch.

Hurrow, Justice and Rule are possessive, and jealous and every bit the bloodthirsty hunters I knew them to be.

I will fight the lies they tell me. I will hold on to the last traces of my sanity.

I won’t become a monster like them…not even for love.

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