Cover Reveal UNTRUSTED by Kiera Legend

Apr 012021

UNTRUSTED (UNMATED Series #2) by Kiera Legend

All I wanted was to be free to return to the life I once knew… but it’s too late for that now. Evil threatens my world, and I may be the only one who can save it.
Finding out I was a wolf shifter, was an unexpected birthday gift to say the least. Yet, I thought I could deny that side of me, set it aside, and go back to pretending everything was normal. Unfortunately, my mate in this shifter world isn’t the only thing I have to escape. If there’s anything I’ve learned about Asher Shaw, is that he’s never what he seems. And now, he’s not the only man fighting to keep me here.
My estranged father has returned, determined to wage war against the humans. He claims I have special powers that could aid him in his vendetta. What he doesn’t know is that the only thing I plan on using my abilities for, is to stop his wrath.
The problem is… I can’t do that without Asher’s help. The even bigger problem? I don’t know if Asher is on my side or my father’s.
Will this war between shifters and humans turn into one between my mate and me? Or will our bond be the one thing that makes us stronger?

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