Cover Reveal Unmaking Marchant by Ella James

Mar 092021

Unmaking Marchant (A Love Inc. Novel #3) by Ella James

From USA Today Bestseller Ella James, the third suspenseful romance in the Love Inc. series…
Marchant Radcliffe, owner of the exclusive Love Inc. brothel, is no stranger to darkness. He lost his parents in a plane crash and since college has harbored a secret almost too terrible to bear. He keeps his head above water by pouring his energy into his business—and he’s thrived, whether he deserves to or not.

Then, after ten years of good fortune, Marchant’s skeletons start to peek out of the closet, tossing him down a trail of ruin that begins with arson and could end with murder. Because he’s kept his struggles private, he has no one to pull him back from the brink.

After a breakup with her longtime fiancé, Suri Dalton has nowhere to go except her best friend’s new penthouse in Vegas. The last thing Suri needs is a rebound, but after drowning her woes in wine on the flight over, she falls lips-first into a beautiful stranger—who just so happens to be Marchant Radcliffe, infamous playboy and literal pimp.

Despite an immediate attraction, Suri writes Marchant off as exactly the sort of guy she should avoid. Until Love Inc. goes up in flames, Marchant winds up at the bottom of a swimming pool, and Suri is the only one around to pull him out.

What happens when what you see isn’t what you get?

*Unmaking Marchant was published in 2014 as a novella. The story has been re-written and expanded significantly for re-release.

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