Cover Reveal Unknown by Lacey Carter Andersen

May 232020

Unknown (House of Berserkers #2) by Lacey Carter Andersen

The House of Berserkers may destroy us all…

I have a beast inside of me. A monster that awakens at the best and the worst times. The beast allowed me to avenge my best friend’s death, but it’s also led to my downfall.

And a betrayal so deep it cuts like a knife.

Taken prisoner by the psychotic Lord of the House of the Berserkers, I must find a way to stay alive and to keep the men I love safe. Everything has changed between the mutant, the berserker, the dragon shifter, and I.

But what hasn’t changed? We’re in another wicked place and our connection will either save us or destroy us. Only time will tell.

UNKNOWN is a paranormal reverse harem romance. The first book involving these characters is called Untamed, and it takes place in the shared world, Wicked Reform School. I recommend reading that book before this one. This is a very steamy romance where the woman is the focus, and she doesn’t have to choose between her men.
Publication Date: November 13, 2020

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