Cover Reveal Tyrant Beast by Isabella Starling

Jul 122021

Tyrant Beast (Tyrant Dynasty Book 4) by Isabella Starling

Nobody can love a beast. Not unless you force them…
An accident in my childhood left me scarred and broken.
I know nobody could love a man like me.
Even though I have my family’s good looks, I’m a shell of a man.
But there’s a girl out there – Mercy, and she is as shattered as I am.
And only I can put her back together again.
I just have to hope my own darkness doesn’t consume her…
Like it consumed me.

Life has served me blow after blow.
I met the love of my life who turned out to be an abuser.
He sells my body and pumps it full of drugs day after day, night after night.
But there’s a man out there who wants to save me.
Theo Miller is darkness personified – twisted, cruel and bitter because life hasn’t been kind to him, either.
Maybe two broken people can make one whole.
Maybe all it means is more pain and sorrow.
After all, I don’t believe in happy endings.
Not for girls like me.

Tyrant Monster is a full-length dark romance novel from USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Isabella Starling.
Theo and Mercy’s story begins in the previous books of the series, but you can read this book as a standalone.

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