Cover Reveal Thieves & Liars by Shaw Hart

Mar 052021

Thieves & Liars by Shaw Hart

Falling Down From Grace:
Ryder has been hired to do a job, but when the thief that he’s chasing turns out to be the girl who got away when he was younger, will he be able to finish it or will Lark tempt him to the other side?

Devoted To The Cause:
Everyone has heard of the famed hacker, Sage, and when Finch finally meets her, she’s even better than he thought she would be. When a secret comes to life though, and Sage is knocked off of the pedestal that he put her on, will Sage be able to hold onto Finch and the family that she’s created? Or will her lie be too much to forgive.

Rising Up From Ashes:
August can’t wait to leave Scotland. He and his team are only there to finish a job, but when he runs into Isla, he’s suddenly reluctant to move onto the next mission. When one of the bad guys they’re scamming turns out to be someone a little too close to home, will it ruin everything that August and Isla have built?

Tied Up In Knots:
Branna is in hiding. She’s a doctor who had finally gotten her life settled when Tristan and his team come barging in and turn everything upside down. When the people that she’s running from finally catch her, will Tristan be able to save her?

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