Cover Reveal The Sea of Light by Shey Stahl

Apr 162020

The Sea of Light (Anchored Love Book 1) by Shey Stahl

Like a lost child, I’ve wandered through life, weighed down by the loss of another. Every day I’m shadowed by grief, anchored by one defining moment. Could there really be someone out there for just me?
Then I meet him and feel it in my bones. I’m drawn to him. Compelled to know more. A connection I can’t deny.
His mystery deepens with every touch, staining my soul and haunting my dreams long before I knew the taste of his skin. Callous as he is beautiful, he’s married to the sea and weighted by her waves. Before I know it, my existence is wrapped up in him entirely, my next breath dependent on him being a part of my life.
Until, like a wave crashing into a rocky shore, his past is revealed and his lies slam into my heart. Devastated by the truth, I’m forever etched with the connection we have, unsure what’s real anymore.
My life, and everyone in it, is temporary. I will always be that girl, the one holding her breath in the sea of light when darkness is all I know.
I’m left with one thought.
What is it that he wants from me?

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