Excerpt The Revenge You Seek by Tracy Lorraine

Apr 152021

The Revenge You Seek (Maddison Kings University Book 1) by Tracy Lorraine

From USA Today bestselling author Tracy Lorraine comes a new dark bully college romance.

Scarlett Hunter could run…

But she couldn’t hide forever.

The beautiful girl who tempted me.
The heartless woman who broke me.

She might have got away, but I haven’t forgotten… or forgiven her.

And I never will.

Because piece by piece, she’s taken away everything I care about.

And for that she’ll pay.

When I claim my crown at Maddison Kings University, I’m going to make sure hers is tarnished.

Scarlett Hunter is about to experience the revenge of a Legend.

Dear Reader,
The Revenge You Seek is the first book in Letty and Kane’s trilogy. This book is a dark bully romance that contains mature content and demanding alphaholes that some readers may find disturbing. You have been warned.

Excerpt The Revenge You Seek by Tracy Lorraine

“I always knew you’d be so fucking sweet to ruin, Princess.”

“F*ck you. You won’t break me.”

“Says the one with tears still on her cheeks.” He reaches up and sweeps the wetness away that I didn’t realize was still there before sucking his thumb into his mouth, tasting my tears.

It’s weirdly erotic and intimate despite the fact he just had his head between my thighs.

“You taste like sin, trouble, and betrayal.”

“And you taste like a special brand of c*** but did you hear me f*cking complaining,” I pant, the crest of my orgasm just within touching distance.

I’m moving once again, Kane’s arm sweeps over all the items littering the desk before my bare chest is pressed against the cold wood.

I push to stand but his large palm presses down between my shoulder blades keeping me in place as he kicks my legs wider.

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