Cover Reveal The Other Girl by Trisha Wolfe

Sep 172020

The Other Girl by Trisha Wolfe (Black Mountain Academy)

Black Mountain Academy. From the outside, it may look perfect and ideal–school uniforms, exemplary teachers, privileged students. But anyone on the inside could tell you about the debauchery, the scandals, the drama, the forbidden–taboo–romances. Because where Black Mountain Academy is concerned… never judge a book by its cover.

The Other Girl:A Dark Psychological Thriller

I am a trope. A tired cliché. I’m the psycho stalker girl that never gets the boy.

At least, that was the rumor at my former high school. Obsessive Love Disorder was the label slapped on me after an “incident” disrupts my world, but now I have a chance at a new start as the school psychologist at Black Mountain Academy.

Here, no one knows my past. Here, a boy with a devilish smile and bad, bad inclinations puts his sights on me. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Carter Hensley is the newest addition to BMA and has a thick file marked violent tendencies.

He’s dangerous, especially to a girl like me–one who falls hard and fast, and who doesn’t let anyone become an obstacle. Friends, family, faculty…the fact that he’s a student.

Nothing will stand in our way of being together. Not even the truth.

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