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Jul 202021

the lesson by TL Mayhew

Money, those who have it, are considered the elite. Socialites who want for nothing and expect everything. Those who don’t have it, they’re prepared to surpass everything in their power to achieve it, even if it involves jeopardizing the lives of the ones they love.

I’m Francis Harlyn Aldridge, and I’m one of the elites. All I wanted was a normal life, one full of love and family, but what I got was jet-setting parents, a jealous boyfriend, and a best friend who is dealing with her own problems.

Then, something I never expected happened: Winston Asher Harrington III.

He’s the hot English teacher that, as of late, has taken an interest in me. He claims it’s to help with my grades, but the way the energy crackles between us, it’s clear there’s something more.

We both know our families will never approve, so we’ve been keeping our relationship under wraps. Or that’s what we thought. One misstep, and suddenly, our lives fall apart, setting up a chain reaction of heartache, revenge and murder.

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