Cover Reveal & Excerpt The Forever Crew (Adamson All-Boys Academy Book 3) by CM Stunich

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The Forever Crew is Book 3 of the Adamson All-Boys Academy Series by CM Stunich.

There is no blurb yet, only a cover reveal but this will be coming out soon enough.

The first book is out, just waiting on Amazon to post it since it’s a live release so we will update this post as soon as we know more.

Keep you posted.

Excerpt The Forever Crew (Adamson All-Boys Academy Book 3) by CM Stunich


I asked my readers’ group if they could please review “The Ruthless Boys” if they enjoyed it, and said once we got to 50 reviews, I’d post a new teaser. Well, they killed it! Last I checked, we had 168. I’m seriously blessed to have the kindest, most amazing, most interactive and enthusiastic readers. <3

Thank you so much for the reviews!

THE FOREVER CREW (Adamson All-Boys Academy #3)
(C) C.M. Stunich

Chapter One

Drip, drip, drip.

That’s the sound the blood makes as it slides down the dead student’s arm, a crimson pool forming below the fingers of his outstretched hand. It’s the only noise I can hear above the rushing surge of my pulse and the ragged, frantic inhales of my breath.


I turn around and find Spencer standing there, dressed in a black hoodie and smelling like cigarettes.

A black hoodie.

Why the hell is he wearing a black hoodie?!

“I saw you running—” he starts as I scramble away and find my feet. It’s like, way early in the morning, and Spencer is out here smoking? It doesn’t make sense. Add in the black hoodie, and Church with the knife, and … “What the fuck is that?!” He chokes out, pointing behind me in the direction of the shrine.

“I …” There’s not enough time for me to get a single sentence out before two of the killers come crashing through the bushes.

Two killers … and Spencer Hargrove in a hoodie, awake at an hour he never is.


The Secret Girl

The Ruthless Boys

review soon

The Forever Crew

review soon

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