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Nov 112020

Tempt Me (Tattoos and Temptation Book 5) by Mia Monroe

My best friend’s little brother is all grown up.

Figuring out my sexuality at nearly forty years old has been a revelation, but dating hasn’t been any easier. After a failed engagement, I know what’s important to me, and I refuse to settle anymore.

So when my best friend asks me if I can help his little brother settle in after being away, it sounds like a pleasant distraction. I always thought Felix was a sweet kid. Only ten years later, he’s definitely all grown up. He owns his glamorous style and larger than life personality, and I’m hooked.

But regardless of my budding interest, there is way too much at stake to even consider dating Felix.

We’ll have to keep it just friends, as long as he doesn’t tempt me…

Tempt Me is a steamy, best friend’s brother, age gap, low angst, tale featuring a sassy chocolatier who can rock a heel and lipstick, a tattoo artist ready to explore his newly accepted sexuality, and two opposites who definitely attract. It is book five in the Tattoos and Temptation series featuring hot Miami nights, Latin desserts, and guys with ink.

It can be read as a standalone, but why would you do that? Start with Marry Me and meet all the guys from T&T.

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