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Oct 202020

Taking the Belle (Big Easy Shifters Book 1) by Abby Knox

Ashton knows what he wants as soon as he sees it.
When the strange little lady in the dangerous dress walks in to his friend’s bar one night, Ash can barely remember his own name, let alone the name of the woman who recently did him wrong. He knows it’s a bad idea to get close to someone who doesn’t understand his wild-and-woolly secret, but he’s the breed of guy who mates for life. He doesn’t care who her daddy is and does not care how many gilded hoops he has to jump through. He’s gonna marry that girl and do whatever she says to get her down the aisle.

Rosemary has got it all, except any desire for the kind of man her rich daddy approves of.
She’s a hell cat who’s hell-bent saving her virginity for just the right down-home fella who can keep up with her.
A man who isn’t after her family’s money.
And, a man who can handle the excitement of her family’s bizarre little secret.
Ashton fits the bill perfectly. He’s a self-made man, tons of fun and mystery, and has latched on to her so fast they’re as cozy as peanut butter and jelly.
Now. if everyone can keep their claws to themselves, they might just make it!

Taking the Belle is book one in the newly revised and updated Big Easy Shifter series (previously titled Her Big Easy Wedding, originally released in 2018) This version is slightly spicier and wolfier; I hope you love it!

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