Excerpt Sweeter Than Sin by Amelia Wilde

Sep 042020

Sweeter Than Sin by Amelia Wilde

She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted–and she’s been taken from me.

Olympus is falling and Brigit is gone.

I’ll burn down the city to find her.

But I might burn with it…

Sweeter Than Sin is the second in an intense new trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde. Richer Than God must be read first.

Excerpt Sweeter Than Sin by Amelia Wilde

We’ve been close before, but not like this—not with his hand twisted in my hair, forcing my head up to meet eyes like amber thunderclouds. His rage is no longer distant. There’s no calm to be had, no reprieve.

When he speaks his voice is soaked in money and whiskey and pain. In the blood from a thousand small cuts. In a promise.

“If you don’t come back to me, I’ll drag you back, kicking and screaming.”

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