Excerpt Summer Queen by Amelia Wilde

Mar 132020

Summer Queen by Amelia Wilde

What’s mine is mine forever. That includes Persephone.
But I want more than to own her body and her soul and her debt.
I want her heart.
And now that she’s been stolen from me, I want revenge.
At any cost. At any price.
They’ve taken what’s mine. And I’m going to get it back.

Excerpt Summer Queen by Amelia Wilde

I’m half-gone. Merciless. Animal.

Whether it’s punishment or pleasure makes no difference. Those distinctions are for people, and I am nothing but a raw nerve.

She’s so fucking perfect, panting and arching and crying.

Persephone grips the sides of the desk, trying to stay on.

The world narrows until the only thing remaining is her, and the way I’m fucking her, vicious and hard. Like she’s property. Like she belongs to me.

Because she does. I’m the only man in the world who gets to fuck her until she cries.

And I’ve never loved anything so much in my life.

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