Cover Reveal Submitting to Paradise by Julie Morgan

Apr 232020

Submitting to Paradise (Suspenseful Seduction World) by Julie Morgan

They say with time comes understanding, and with understanding comes forgiveness.

Young Todd Wheeler bounced from one foster home to the next, each worse than the last, until he ended up living on the streets of Tampa. Hooked on drugs, he was on a downward spiral until the fateful night a stranger showed him an act of kindness that turned his life around. Even though he’s now clean and working for a living instead of stealing for it, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of love or forgiveness.

New to Tampa, preacher’s daughter, Holly Leighton, looks forward to a fresh start, helping her father get his new church up and running. However, that plan did not include meeting Todd.

There’s a darkness inside Holly she longs to explore, not quite nefarious, but a dominance she desires. When Todd introduces her to Mistress China, Holly’s world shifts on a different axis, bringing her into a lifestyle she’d only ever read about.

When the softness of silk and the thickness of leather come together, an explosion of wills will be tested. Dominance will rise, but who will claim the top position?

**Submitting to Paradise is part of Samantha A. Cole’s Suspenseful Seduction World.

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