Cover Reveal Strictly Business by Andrea Smith

Oct 122020

Strictly Business by Andrea Smith

Twenty-five year old Brant Taylor has no plans to settle down anytime soon.

He’s just now finding his place in Corporate America, on the fast track at his father’s company, “Taylor’s Toys” and his social calendar is overflowing with possibilities. As the Manager of Production, Brant is key in the selection of suitable candidates for employment now that the company is expanding their product offerings to include a new line of special toys.

But when Brant is forced to hire his younger sister and her friend as summer help, his extra-curricular activities are curtailed and he’s none too happy about it. His sister’s friend, Delilah Mayfield, F.K.A. “Pudge,” has some mouth on her! She’s definitely not the type of girl to pose a distraction for Brant – he prefers them svelte and sweet. Delilah is neither of those things. Still he finds her a distraction he just doesn’t need.

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