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Feb 112021

SSS: Year Seven (The Supernatural Spy Academy Book 7) by Avery Song

When being different leads to the best years of your life.

To be a spy, one must have the skills, strength, and survival techniques to endure any challenge. To be a god, one must delicately balance the rules.

With no rulebook and a supernatural kingdom — one that sees her as nothing but an outsider — at risk, Silver Spell Solange is about to challenge a world she knows little about.

On the brink of passing the Year Six Exam, Silver must battle an enemy that wishes to destroy all she cherishes. In the process, rules are broken and bridges are burned, and now she has a choice: become a spy or rule a kingdom as she was always destined to do.

The decision will determine what Year Seven of S.S.S. Sky Division has in store, but more importantly, how her relationships with her fiancés and boyfriend will work out. With the added stress of Damien’s recent injury and slow recovery, she struggles to hold it all together.

To make matters worse, the Dark Kingdom is trying to make a comeback and Daisy has been kidnapped. The world of spies, supernaturals, demigods, and gods is about to be turned upside down, and Team 999 is done with mind games and power plays.

Sometimes it takes fighting fire with fire to reveal the true war that’s brewing beneath the surface, and this time around, Team 999 is about to shock the universe as they race through Year Seven.

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