Cover Reveal Sleepless Beauties by A.K. Koonce

May 142021

Sleepless Beauties (The Vampires Vendetta Series Book 1) by A.K. Koonce

Bend me.

Break me.

Reject me.

The vampires of Crimson City will use me in any way they can to deceive their council from the mysterious murders staining their hands. They need me. But that will never mean they want me. A human. They say I’m beneath them. A weakness. A disgrace. A prey to be hunted.

If I’m so weak, why did the mating mark choose me for not one but two of their kind?

If I’m so unbearably fragile, how did I steal the heart of the demon prince they keep locked away like a dirty little secret?

And if I’m a prey to be hunted…

Then why are they so afraid of this pretty little human now?

This is book one of a biting, thirst trap of a reverse harem vampire series, recommended for readers 18 and over. Wolves, Vampires, Demons and Humans will love to hate one another in the best possible way. If rejected mates, bully, or brutal enemies to lovers doesn’t make your heart race wild, then this series isn’t for you.

Reading Order
Sleepless Beauties
Heartless Monsters

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