Cover Reveal Silence by G. Bailey

Mar 132020

Silence (Dark Angel Academy #2) by G. Bailey

Welcome to Angel Academy. The only way to leave is to fall.

I’m Kaitlyn Lightson, and I haven’t got a clue what I am anymore. With Angel Academy fallen to the hands of the vampire coven, hiding on earth seemed like a good plan.

Until he finds me.

Turns out what I am is the least of my problems. Instead what is happening to my friends at The Angel Academy is more dire. Thallon, Henry, Vesnia and even Riley need my help.

The Angels need a spy.

So I’m going to make a deal with my devil, the man with more than a little bite to his harsh nature.

Death and seduction are the angels tools in the game, but it turns out vampires play with worse things.
Like love…

18+ RH

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