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Feb 062021

Shadows of Hell (Demon Masketeer Institute Book 1) by Avery Song

Humiliated. Heartbroken. Murdered.
R.I.P couldn’t be more depressing.

When I awake in the world of the afterlife, with no idea how I got there, I find I’m no longer forty, married, and a CEO with an image to uphold. Not even close. Now I’m a twenty-year-old demon recruit for the Masketeer Demon Institute, and my assigned Death Name is Danika Andromeda.

My new role starts with simple instructions. Walk through a portal, be assigned a Hellspawn partner, follow the rules of the Institute, and never leave without a mask.

Easy enough.

Only I’m matched with twin Hellspawns who couldn’t be more opposite from one another, and a bonus angel seraph who is so far south from Heaven, it’s laughable. What they all have in common is that they’re ruthless savages, with sex drives that will have your panties dropping to the floor any chance they get, all while you count how many sins you can commit under the watch of the Devil — who’s in charge of the Institute, by the way.

Everyone thinks I’m naïve about the world of darkness, but they don’t know what I did in the shadows of my past life for a chance at money, power, and fame. When a target is placed on my head by a hidden imposter amongst us, I don’t even tremble. I may not know who killed me the first time around, but I certainly won’t perish in the heart of the afterlife.

Let’s see if this mask can cloak my sins, burning passion, and murderous desire for revenge.

Shadows of Hell is a 100,000-word Dark Paranormal Romance with cruel, heartbreaking, and steamy scenes that aren’t for the faint of the heart. If you enjoy anti-hero men, sexy mischief twins, a powerfully tainted heroine, and thrilling action, this is the series for you!

Recommended for 18+ and all sexual scenes are consensual in this world of pleasure and pain.

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