Excerpt Shadowed by CM Stunich

Jul 222019

Shadowed (The Academy of Spirits and Shadows #3) by CM Stunich

Brynn of Haversey is a spirit whisperer, meaning she can talk to ghosts. And date them. And well, other things, too. Steamy things.

Sorry, spoiler seekers! That’s all the info you get for now!


SHADOWED is book three in THE ACADEMY OF SPIRITS AND SHADOWS series. This is a full-length reverse harem fantasy romance with action, magic, and steamy scenes.

Releases August 15th.

Excerpt Shadowed by CM Stunich

(C) C.M. Stunich 2019

“My apologies if I startled you. The eyes of a shadow see many realms.” Trubble gave me a fox grin and then grabbed a loose white feather from the bed. Shifting my wings around me, I noticed they were snow-white again, as pure as if I’d been born a full-blooded angel.
He offered it up to me, and then sat pretty, his purple fur covered in white runes that I couldn’t read. It occurred to me after a moment, that if I activated my second sight, maybe I could?
My hand grasped the black steel star hanging around my neck.
Magic swirled around me, lifting my white hair in a maelstrom of power, ruffling my feathers. Trubble’s runes began to glow, and I blinked as they came into focus, just like the one’s on Eli’s skin had.
I wasn’t sure that I liked what I saw.
Those were the runes traced into Trubble’s fur.
I blinked and cleared away the second sight before offering up the feather for him to rub his nose on. As soon as he sneezed, smoke plumed around him, and I was face-to-face with a naked man on my bed.
“For Haversey’s sake, put it away,” Elijah yawned, sitting up and sighing as he studied Trubble with a bored, almost tired sort of expression. “Nobody wants to see that.”
“Somebody does,” Trubble retorted, glancing back at me. “Did you see something you liked with that shadow sight of yours?” he asked, but I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I didn’t bother.
Besides, I could worry about Trubble and who, exactly, he was later.
Right now, all that mattered was Vexer.

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  1. where can i read the 3 book ?

    • Hey. it’s not out, never been released… we are waiting but i haven’t seen any news regarding this series. sorry

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