Cover Reveal Sexy Savior by Kayt Miller

Oct 192020

Sexy Savior (Cocky Hero Club) by Kayt Miller

Ben Schilling hasn’t always been a superhero; it just sort of happened one day as he walked home from the subway. Since then, he’s found himself doing good deeds whenever necessary. Sometimes he sees an opportunity to help, like walking an old woman across a busy intersection, while other times, like the time he attempted to save that woman from falling into traffic.
Okay, that’s not a great example because that woman didn’t get it. She punched him for his trouble. Some people just don’t understand.

Allison Kirby doesn’t need anyone’s help. So, when some jackass tries to help her get her stiletto unstuck from the grate in the sidewalk, she did what any self-respecting woman would do—she decked him. Twice. And wow, it felt good.

When the two end up working together, sparks fly, but not necessarily the good kind.

For Allison, Ben helps her see that there are true superheroes in the world while Ben realizes that not everyone needs rescuing––sometimes all we need is love.
Sexy Savior is an enemies to lovers/office romance inspired by Stuck-Up Suit. Approx. 55,000

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