Cover Reveal Seizing Lust by Gwyn McNamee

Mar 272021

Seizing Lust (The Deadliest Sin Series Book 9) by Gwyn McNamee

You would think I’ve learned my lesson by now.
That I wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the past.
That I wouldn’t commit the same sins.
But the crazy thing about sin is, sometimes, it seizes you before you even see it coming.
It blinds you to reason and logic.
Makes you weak where you were once strong and powerful.
That makes you vulnerable.
Especially in Chicago during this growing war between the families.
Everywhere I turn, a new enemy lurks in the shadows.
I’ve done my best to protect those I love.
To keep them from getting caught in the crossfire.
It hasn’t been enough.
And the only way to remedy it is to take lethal action.

***Seizing Lust is the ninth book in The Deadliest Sin Series about organized crime in Chicago. This series is best read in order, as the stories are chronological and each sin builds on the events of the previous one.***

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