Cover Reveal Secrets of the Mazza by Blake Blessing

Jun 172020

Secrets of the Mazza (Mazza Series Book 3) by Blake Blessing

Holy revelations.

We escaped the Shadow Society’s attempt on our lives. My life. And didn’t that open a whole can of secrets. Still reeling from the pain of said secrets, I’ve done my best to avoid Rand and Yunez. But now one of us has been taken, and we’ve got to work together to get him back. I can’t let him stay there, even if we have to go against Yunez to save him.

There’s so much anger to work through, so much hurt, and I can’t even claim it all. My Lusty Legion is rightfully upset. With so much wasted time, it’s a scramble to catch up, both in power and knowledge. More secrets are shared, old friends appear as new friends are made.

As we prepare for a fight we aren’t certain we’ll win, we can either put our hurts aside or die.

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