Cover Reveal Savage Love by Penelope Bloom

Apr 192020

Savage Love (Ash and Innocence Book 2) by Penelope Bloom

The dark god of Parker High used to be my childhood friend. But that was before. Before the fire. Before people got hurt. Before I left and came back.
Cassian practically drips with danger. He’s a shadow made flesh—all beautiful, hard lines and heat. When I left, he was as poor as me. Now his family has enough money to buy the whole town.
None of that is enough for him. He still wants me to pay, and humiliating me isn’t enough. He wants me to suffer.
But if he thinks I’m going to roll over and accept the blame for what happened, he’s wrong.
I may be scarred. I may be more than a little broken. But all that means is I’m ready for him to bring his worst.

If destruction is an art, then I’m Michelangelo.
And Charli’s going to be my masterpiece.
Her heart is going to be my plaything.
Maybe I’ll bruise it.
Maybe I’ll break it.
Hell, if she’s lucky, I might even take it for myself.

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