Excerpt Rowdy Boy by Clarissa Wild

Sep 172020

Rowdy Boy by Clarissa Wild (Black Mountain Academy)

Rude boys play best.

I’ve always known how to make girls fall to their knees.
When I open my mouth and play my music, they line up to scream my name.
Cole Travis, rock star and high school legend.
Fans beg me for a dirty smile and a filthy kiss.
And I give them everything they could ever want.
All these years, I thought it was enough.
Until her.
Monica Romero, the new girl whose wistful eyes hide a closed-off heart.
A heart I know belongs to me but one I can never have.
She doesn’t know me.
My band.
My reputation.
Not even my name.
But she will remember me…
Because if I can’t have her…
No one will.

Rowdy Boy is a New Adult/High School Bully Romance standalone novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild, part of the Black Mountain Academy Anthology Series.

WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.
Publication Date : October 1, 2020

Excerpt Rowdy Boy by Clarissa Wild

Why would he lead me away from the middle of the lake towards a tiny alcove out of view from the party, only to disappear? It makes no sense.
Suddenly, two hands appear from behind, one wraps around my waist, the other covers my mouth right as I scream.
“Shh … Don’t want the others to hear us now, do we?” Cole whispers into my ear.
I shake my head as he lowers his hand just a little. “I thought you were gone.”
He smiles against my ear, his lips grazing my skin. “You think I’d leave you like that? All hungry and desperate for more?”
My heartrate shoots up into the stratosphere as he pulls me against his rock hard body, his pants tented with need.
“I wasn’t—”
“Shh …” he interrupts, his hand sliding around my throat. “No more lies, Mo … You asked for a dare. Here’s your dare …”
His hand slides down my waist, all the way to my bikini, and slips down inside. I gasp, my mouth wide open, but no sound comes out as he squeezes my throat slightly. His fingers spread my p**sy and he slides in between with ease.
He’s done this before. I know he has, and still it doesn’t stop my body from turning mush in his arms. He was right when he said I was hungry for more, but I won’t ever admit that. I won’t. I can’t. He’s the bad guy, the guy I should run away from as fast as I can.
“We both know this is what you really want …” he murmurs, planting a sweet, sinful kiss right below my ear. “Secretly, you’ve been dreaming about having my lips all over you … and my fingers inside you.”
He shoves two fingers inside and I hold my breath, afraid to moan out loud if I don’t. He thrusts in and out and circles my clit in between, causing delicious shockwaves all through my body.
“You think I didn’t see you practically fawning over me at band practice? You’ve been yearning for me from the first day we met,” he murmurs, and his tongue dips out to draw a line from my ear down my shoulder as if to mark me as prey. “And I tell you now I’ve been waiting until you finally gave in.”
“F**k …” I growl as he increases his pace.
I hate him for doing this, hate him for knowing exactly what I want and giving it to me, even though I know we shouldn’t. He knows he shouldn’t, and still he does it just for the sake of it. Just to be able to say … I won.
“Why would you do this?” I murmur, almost unable to catch my breath as he fingers me so swiftly and without reservation.
“I told you … you should’ve listened to your friends when they warned you about me.”
Too late.
I already made the plunge.
I should’ve stopped when I still had a chance, when I could still resist.
But with one hand all over my body, touching me in places I didn’t know I wanted to be touched, I’m losing myself. His hand brushes along my breasts until my nipples are peaked, and he slides my bikini aside to free them. A guttural, animalistic groan emanates from his mouth, the sound setting me ablaze.
F**k. I never knew I could fall this hard for any guy.
Until Cole f**king Travis came along and turned my whole world upside down.
“See? You’re gushing wet …” he groans in my ear, tugging my nipple. “Your lies don’t work on me.”
“It’s not lies …” I hiss, almost unable to control myself, because he’s hitting that sweet spot.
He keeps rubbing me until I’m about to burst, and I don’t think I can stop it from happening.
One hand wraps around my neck, squeezing as he tilts my head to allow himself more of a view of my breasts. His c**k is fully erect, poking against my ass, begging to join the fun, and my eyes almost roll into the back of my head.
God, I hate he does what he does so well that it almost makes me want to beg for more.
“I hate you,” I hiss.
“Good … That makes this all the more fun,” he groans, and he continues flicking me right up until I hit that edge. “Come on then, Monica. Show me what it looks like when you fall apart.”

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