Extended Epilogue Rough Country by Lauren Landish

Apr 152020

Rough Country (Tannen Boys Book 3) by Lauren Landish

Is it really a dream come true if it means losing the one thing you never knew you needed?

Willow Parker is excited to move to Podunk, Nowheres-ville. That’s what she’s telling herself, but it’s not working until she meets a dark-eyed, honey-voiced cowboy.
That’s when her new small-town life starts looking a lot less temporary.
Bobby is a big-hearted storyteller, wrapped in a sexy, gruff, hard-working, family man package that makes Willow’s pillow-soft heart race and body hum.
She should’ve known love’s never that easy though.

Bobby Tannen knows exactly who he is – a farmer, a brother, and last but not least, a singer-songwriter.
He’s made his peace with his biggest audience being the folks at the local honkytonk, and knows his future lies in the dirt of the land he’s worked his whole life.
With beautiful Willow at his side, he’s one step closer to a happily ever after he’s only written songs about.

Until a hotshot music executive comes to town and offers Bobby everything he’s ever wanted. But it may come at too high of a price… his new relationship with Willow.

Who truly holds Bobby’s heart – the bright lights of Nashville or his sweet Willow?

Extended Epilogue Rough Country by Lauren Landish

“Whew!” I let out a puff of air as I rise from the dirt, one hand going to my brow to swipe at the sweat threatening to run down my temple. I scan the horizon line to measure the sun’s height in the sky. “All right, let’s get this basket inside and get dinner started.”

“Yes ma’am,” a chorus replies. It’s not a clean, crisp answer, but rather, a round of little voices talking over each other.

“Where’re my ducks?” I question and the whole mini-crew comes running, some from the garden and some from the yard, to line up behind me like little ducklings.

A tiny voice says, “Quack, quack.”

“Ssh, you have to wait for Mama Louise to say it first,” Cindy Lou bosses her little sister, Maisie. Cindy Lou does that a lot, but Maisie would happily follow her big sister any way she wants to lead.

I smile to myself, but then glance over my shoulder to start the countdown. “One.”

Cindy Lou is quick to respond as the oldest at six years old, wanting to set a good example for the littler ones. “Two.”

“Thwee,” Maisie says, standing tall. “Like me!” Her little girl giggle is adorably bright.


Cindy Lou’s voice drops down to a whisper, “Four. And you’re five.” I don’t need to look back to see who she’s bossing now.

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