Cover Reveal Rocky Waters by C.M. Steele

Jun 132021

Rocky Waters (Lovers Lake #2) by C.M. Steele

He needs his solitude to meet his deadline, which looms ever closer as the days fly off the calendar. Bennett heads to his cabin to get the words down. There’s only one little problem; some people have invaded his privacy, and that’s just unacceptable. So they all have to go…save one.
Darcy’s doing her first couples photoshoot, and her nerves are on edge. Finally, they reach Bennett Lake, which is spectacular and peaceful until the sound of growling catches her attention. Only it’s no bear or wild animal. It’s a man with beautiful grey eyes that don’t look pleased.
Before anyone knows what’s going on, Darcy’s over the brute’s shoulder like she’s payment for the trespassing. Everyone else scatters like the wind, leaving her to stare at his tightly fitted jeans as he carries her away.

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