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Jun 062020

RISE (Play #3) by Piper Lawson

I’m Riley McKay. The perfect boyfriend.

I’m rich, good looking, and can climb a mountain with my bare hands. I remember birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, I’m a nice guy.

Your mom will love me. Your dad will respect me (in that grudging way dads do when they know you’re screwing their daughter).

And when it ends, which—let’s be honest—it always does?

I’m nice then too.

There’s nothing missing from my life of serial monogamy. Definitely not the girl who walked away ten years ago without a word.

The one who drops back into my life like a fireball when I least expect it.

The only woman I couldn’t do ‘nice’ with.

They say you can’t rise without the fall.

With her, I’ve already fallen. No matter how sexy she is, or how fascinating, or how much I need her help with the Hollywood movie adaptation of Titan’s newest game? I won’t fall for Sam again.

Because falling is easy. Getting up is a b*tch.

Riley and Samantha’s story is a sexy second-chances romance that will give you all the feels.

RISE is book three in the bestselling indie contemporary romance series PLAY from Piper Lawson about Boston-based gamers and bankers. PLAY, NSFW and RISE don’t need to be read in order – but they’re so good that way!

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