Cover Reveal Returning Home by Bella Emy

Feb 242020

Returning Home by Bella Emy

Abrielle has always dreamed of big cities, enormous opportunities, and most importantly, to see the world.

Abrielle grows up in a rural French town called, Lourmare, but in her heart, she always knew she was destined to travel. When her grandfather, Grand-père Jacques, tells her stories from his adventures as a young boy, she knows she wants to do the same when she’s older.
Once Abrielle turns eighteen and is ready to attend college, she decides to make that dream of hers come true, and gets accepted into New York University.
Her grandfather has always meant the world to her, but when she goes off to school, their relationship begins to falter.
When a turn of events forces her to return home, she’s faced with something bigger than she ever imagined she’d be able to handle.

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