Cover Reveal Rejecting Red by Aria Keen

Mar 312021

Rejecting Red by Aria Keen

When my mate rejected me, he didn’t make me docile…he made me blood-thirsty.

True mates are so much more than a soul mate, that’s what I’ve been taught. I counted down the days until my ascension, until I too would find my own true mate.

But my true mate didn’t want me.

When Justin, the alpha-in-training, rejects me, I become the pack’s whipping girl. Every day I’m forced to ponder whether the emotional pain is greater than the physical pain my so-called family and friends bestow upon me.

Rejected. Reviled. Flayed apart for the dishonor.

Something is stirring inside of me, something far darker than my own wolf. Something that is feeding on the blood, the pain, the debasement I’m facing. Something that doesn’t want to be contained.

When our pack hosts the annual Lycan Summit, I’m found by three alphas from a visiting pack. Three alphas who make the darkness inside of me sit up and take note.

The rejected don’t get happy endings, or so I’m told, but a part of me hopes that this is my chance. Can I risk my heart again on these males? Or will the darkness inside of me consume my future before it’s even begun?

This is an 18+ reverse harem full length standalone novel. This book contains content that some readers may find triggering including, but not limited to, abuse, assault, humiliation, and violence.

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  1. I am looking for rejecting red book had it on my list and it was suddenly gone please where can i find it

    • I was looking at it a few days ago… the author just vanished from Amazon entirely. FB page deleted. sorry 🙁

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