Cover Reveal Rejected by Blood by Mazzy J. March

Mar 162021

Rejected by Blood (Mated in Silence #2) by Mazzy J. March

My lips are sealed
Although I don’t know why. I cannot speak and, until I met Dean, lost in the woods and in the throes of his first shift, I spent every day alone in my ancient, broken down-shack, a pariah.
I never cared about speaking before.
Dean, my mate, changed all that. Through his hard work and ability to win over the pack members, he’s made both our lives so much better. I should want nothing more. I do want nothing more…
But there are two new pack members my wolf is heavily interested in. Not that multiple mates is that unusual, but I never even imagined I’d have one. Why would they be interested in me? And even if they were, Dean was raised by humans and isn’t used to our ways.
In fact, he seems disgusted by the thought.
And…the woods are suddenly filled with strangers who all seem interested in me. Why?
Rejected by Fate is the first book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring a strong, feisty female wolf shifter who has forgotten her past and cannot speak and the three male wolf shifters who all want to be her fated mate. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA

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