Cover Reveal Rebel Heart by Isabella Starling

Sep 172020

Rebel Heart by Isabella Starling (Black Mountain Academy)

My first time wasn’t supposed to be a hate-f*ck…

I hear the whispers about me in the school hallways.
They say I’m a slut. A nobody. An outsider.
They lie.
I’m a virgin. I come from nothing, but one day, I’ll have everything.
The Deveraux family will change my life. That’s why I made friends with the daughter of a filthy-rich man. That’s why I will marry Aston, her father.
The only problem is six feet five, drop-dead handsome, and full of vitriol. He’s my worst nightmare, and it doesn’t help he’s hot as sin.
Jude Deveraux. Aston’s son. My best friend’s brother.
He thinks he can stop me, but I’ll do anything to be one of them.
Including sleeping with the enemy…

Rebel Heart is an enemies-to-lovers romance with dark themes from USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling. This is a STANDALONE full-length novel.
Publication Date : October 10, 2020

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