Cover Reveal Reaper Soulless Bastards MC Miami by Erin Trejo

Mar 282020

Reaper Soulless Bastards MC Miami (Book #2) by Erin Trejo

I had a life that I loved once.
Then she took off. She left me and I had to find the strength to move on.

I found my place with the SBMC. They became the family that I lost.

Until she surprises me yet again. She shows back up and she isn’t alone.

This time she’s brought a kid with her. She claims he’s mine.

I take her at her word but when I learn that she’s in trouble, I know I need to keep her safe.

The problem is, I’m falling for her again.

My time on this earth is limited and I know it but I will die trying to keep them safe.

Now I’m torn. Continue on the path that I started when she left?

Or fight to keep my family together?

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