Cover Reveal Proper Christmas by Zeia Jameson

May 102020

Proper Christmas (Jaded Lily Book 3) by Zeia Jameson

Last Christmas
Stella loves Christmas. The decor, food, festivities, family. Everything involving the holiday is her absolute favorite. Padraig is quite the opposite. He’s content not to fuss over tidings and tinsel. But Stella has plans to make him think otherwise. She intends to show him how special Christmas can be.

This Christmas
Padraig’s job has landed him and Stella across the country and far away from home. It’s their first Christmas as a married couple and he knows how important it is to Stella for them to be home on Christmas day. But fate has another idea in store. Padraig sets out to show her how special Christmas can be no matter where they are.

What happens when your perfect holiday turns into a spontaneous winter wonderland adventure?

Join Padraig and Stella once again for a holiday tale sure to warm your hearts and steam your cider!

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