Cover Reveal Pretentious Playboy by M. Piper

Aug 252020

Pretentious Playboy (Cocky Hero Club) by M. Piper

When my dad cut me off and locked my bank accounts, my so called life was so called over. Thank god for my uncle Carter who gave me a roof over my head while I figured my shit out. Where does a guy who never worked a day in his life even begin rebuilding? A cheap ass apartment complex, of course.
Enter Lauren Monroe. We met in an elevator and I felt her hatred immediately…which naturally pulled me in. I latched on to her to teach me the way of the poor, and in doing so I developed something I never felt for a girl before.
Real feelings.
Just when I thought life had thrown me the biggest twist it did, I went and fell for a girl that hated me. But that wasn’t the worst part.
The hardest part was finding out the truth and not being able to do a damn thing about the fallout from it.

*Pretentious Playboy is an enemies to lovers romance inspired by Playboy Pilot. Approx. 65,000 words

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